Wow! I haven’t blogged in ages and obviously, this is my first time to use wordpress. I started this blog to kill time and well, to satiate my fixation with makeup. I figured that writing about stuff I love might lure me away from lurking in the net and finding more reasons to spend. Damn whoever invented e-commerce.

I can’t really remember how I started my love affair with makeup. Hmm.. Well I started using loose powder when I was in early highschool.  But that was only because I couldn’t stand the sight of my grade school grad pic, which resembled a human mirror. Yes, I was a late bloomer! I actually was  a bit of a tomboy back in gradeschool and early highschool (but that’s another story). I think it started with the hype of the direct selling beauty company, Avon. All my classmates were going gaga over the pink pressed powder. It was cute and all girly. Now, I can’t remember if it made our faces pink.

Anyways, I then moved on to Clinique. I absolutely adored their loose face powder. I experimented with all sorts of makeup brands, choosing only powder, blush and lipglosses. Then I discovered the ever trusty MAC cosmetics and the rest is history (though I still have A LOT to try).

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully, I get to update this soon with reviews and what not.