I’ve been searching for a good makeup brush cleaner for quite a time now. I tend to be obsessive  compulsive when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. And so far, the only one I’m sure of is MAC’s brush cleaner since I read that other brands tend to leave the brushes stiff and sticky. While I’m still allowing my (currently non-existent) savings recuperate from my uncanny expenses, I decided to settle with a homemade brush cleaner.

Ever since, I’ve been using Burt’s Bees baby shampoo to clean my brushes and they work perfectly fine. They actually smell great after cleaning! My only dilemma is when we’re supposed to do many faces one after another, I need something to clean and disinfect my brushes pronto. So after googling for a good recipe , I came across Koren’s homemade brush cleaner.

I know a lot of people already know about this but I just have to rave about how good it is! Even my classmates loved it and we were all using it last night at the show.  Here are the ingredients for the homemade brush cleaner:

1 cup distilled water

1/4 cup alcohol (70% or 90%)

1/2 tablespoon dishwashing liquid (I prefer ones with moisturizer)

1/2 tablespoon shampoo ( I use baby shampoo)

1 tablespoon leave-on conditioner (I actually added a bit more to the solution)

I mixed all ingredients in a bowl, carefully stirring to avoid forming suds. And then I transferred the solution to an atomizer and voila! I was actually hesitant to use it at first because of the dishwashing liquid but it definitely cleaned and left my brushes soft.  😀