I went to The Face Shop the other week to buy a nail polish and a nail polish remover. I saw their false eyelashes and remembered Nikki’s blog. I asked if they had the XLH but it was out of stock. So I ended up buying the XL falsies. I also passed by the department store and bought a 4U2 eyeshadow and an E.L.F. lipliner.


Anyways, I already have long eyelashes (since I have big eyes lol). I just wanted to try how falsies would look on me and also, I wanted to practice putting them since I intend on using one for my class (if I get a chance to do so).

So this is me without the false eyelashes


And this is after applying the false eyelashes..


See the difference?


Well I like how it makes my eyes pop out. But I doubt I’ll be able to use it much since it really calls attention to my eyes.