Today marks my biggest haul ever. I finally decided to take the makeup artistry class after months of contemplating. And it seemed to work on my part. Our class is the smallest batch our teacher ever had, which meant a more focused and personal training.

Anyways, for the tools and makeup products, our teacher recommended a variety of products ranging from low end brands to high end brands. I was so excited that I went straight to the mall to buy the stuff that I need (well most of it).


I went to the MAC store at shangri-la to buy foundations and powders. I was too busy thinking about my list that I wasn’t able to double check what I bought. Turns out the SA gave me a wrong foundation and shade. I asked for a Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 and she gave me a Select SPF 15 in NC25. And she didn’t even give me freebies because it was out of stock. So i have to go back tomorrow and have it replaced. As for the gel liners, I got them from a friend and my cousin.


I bought blushes and lipsticks from Ever Bilena since our teacher highly recommends it for low end brands. I wouldn’t have thought of it but hey, it works. I still have tons to buy on my list and I need it by Saturday.

I’ll be housing these stuff in the traincase I bought at Quiapo a couple of weeks back. I wanted to get a plain black case but I didn’t like the compartments of it. So I got this instead…


I’m now officially bankrupt.  I just hope I do well in school. =s