I went to The Face Shop the other week to buy a nail polish and a nail polish remover. I saw their false eyelashes and remembered Nikki’s blog. I asked if they had the XLH but it was out of stock. So I ended up buying the XL falsies. I also passed by the department store and bought a 4U2 eyeshadow and an E.L.F. lipliner.


Anyways, I already have long eyelashes (since I have big eyes lol). I just wanted to try how falsies would look on me and also, I wanted to practice putting them since I intend on using one for my class (if I get a chance to do so).

So this is me without the false eyelashes


And this is after applying the false eyelashes..


See the difference?


Well I like how it makes my eyes pop out. But I doubt I’ll be able to use it much since it really calls attention to my eyes.


Today marks my biggest haul ever. I finally decided to take the makeup artistry class after months of contemplating. And it seemed to work on my part. Our class is the smallest batch our teacher ever had, which meant a more focused and personal training.

Anyways, for the tools and makeup products, our teacher recommended a variety of products ranging from low end brands to high end brands. I was so excited that I went straight to the mall to buy the stuff that I need (well most of it).


I went to the MAC store at shangri-la to buy foundations and powders. I was too busy thinking about my list that I wasn’t able to double check what I bought. Turns out the SA gave me a wrong foundation and shade. I asked for a Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 and she gave me a Select SPF 15 in NC25. And she didn’t even give me freebies because it was out of stock. So i have to go back tomorrow and have it replaced. As for the gel liners, I got them from a friend and my cousin.


I bought blushes and lipsticks from Ever Bilena since our teacher highly recommends it for low end brands. I wouldn’t have thought of it but hey, it works. I still have tons to buy on my list and I need it by Saturday.

I’ll be housing these stuff in the traincase I bought at Quiapo a couple of weeks back. I wanted to get a plain black case but I didn’t like the compartments of it. So I got this instead…


I’m now officially bankrupt.  I just hope I do well in school. =s

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. Personally, I prefer waxing because I get more ingrown hair and blotches from shaving and depilatory creams. Out of all the methods, not only do I find waxing as the most effective in hair removal, but it also takes the longest time for hair to grow back.


Over the years, I’ve been going to this affordable waxing salon called Lay Bare to get my waxing done. They use cold wax and I find that it is less painful than hot wax. But since I’m flat broke (and stuck at home), I opted to try the DIY wax. Thanks to my good friend, Google I found the perfect recipe for a homemade wax. For this, you will need the following:

– 1 cup brown sugar

– 1/4 cup honey

– juice of 1/2 lemon or if not available, 3 calamansi

– cornstarch / baby powder

– clean cotton cloth strips

– wooden stick or spatula

1. Combine and mix the brown sugar, honey and lemon/calamansi in one microveable glass bowl.

2. Microwave it for about 2 minutes but stop and stir your mixture every 30 seconds. The mixture should have a thick consistency.

3. Let it cool to a comfortable temperature. (NOTE: Now I could not emphasize this enough. Be careful not to touch it as it is super hot. I was stupid to dip my finger to check the temperature and I ended up with a mildly burnt finger)

4. Dust the area that you want to wax with cornstarch / baby powder. (This will  make the wax stick more)

5. Use the wooden stick or spatula to spread a thin layer to your desired area, in the direction of the hair growth (since I don’t want to use our kitchen utensils and I can’t find a wooden stick, I used the spatula included in Veet. It’s plastic but it worked well. Just be sure the mixture is not too hot). I suggest you do small patches first.

6. Immediately cover the patch with a strip of cotton cloth. Briskly stroke the strip several times in the direction of the hair growth then pull the skin taut, and quickly pull the cotton strip against the direction of the hair growth.

As so you proceed with the waxing, you may opt to reheat your mixture in the microwave to keep it warm (just make sure not to overheat it as you could easily burn your skin). In my case, even if the mixture was cold, it still was able to get the hair)

I still had some leftover wax. So I stored it in a plastic container and placed it in the refrigerator. You can just heat it up to use it again. As for the cotton strips, you can reuse it by washing and hanging it to dry.

My verdict: The wax is perfect. It was not painful at all. I actually had fun doing it. Plus I think the honey left my skin soft. My only problem was that I do not know how to go about the process of waxing, so there were really small areas that I accidentally skipped and had to go back and wax. I’m pretty sure 1 or 2 tries will get me accustomed to it.

So if you’re on a tight budget and have plenty of time in your hands, I suggest you try this DIY wax. You can actually have fun, while keeping yourself hair-free. 🙂

Over the years, I’ve had the biased notion that anything too cheap does not deliver well. And that it specifically rings true to makeup products.


Well I was proved wrong after reading reviews of cheap makeup brands that worked well for others. And that started my relentless search for good quality bargain makeup products. I can’t go to a mall without rummaging through racks of makeup in Watsons or in the department stores. Don’t get me wrong. It did not change completely my preference in brands. I just think that it’s in a matter of finding the stuff that work for you.

Just last week, I went out with some friends. I noticed one of my friends had an unusual aura to her. I was trying to pinpoint what it was that made her look different. It could have been her complexion, it was glowing (she really had good skin btw). But what I noticed most was her blush-on. It was a nice healthy brownish shade (actually, I’m not good at describing colors. I’m thinking a mauve taupe mix?) that shimmered in a natural way. Now, let me just point out that I am not a fan of shimmery makeup. I usually want it matte. But hers just floored me. And I complimented her about it. Of course she was flattered. I asked what it was she used. I was expecting her to blurt out a high-end brand of makeup since she usually uses one. To my surprise she said:

“Oh, its Careline!”

I laughed it off at first, thinking that she was joking. But she was dead serious. And to prove it to me, she took it out of her makeup kit. And it was Careline, indeed! Careline Oil Control Blush-on in Starlight Shine.

I absolutely loved how it looked on her that I decided to try it myself.

careline1 carelineblushon

I’ve used Skin Alison Raffaele Inner Glow in Charming for the longest time. And just recently, I bought the Smash Box O Glow (I’ll try to make a post on this). I’ve also tried some minerals. But so far, I’ve been using the Careline blush-on everyday since I bought it. I don’t have a picture of me wearing it but I swatched it for this post (which isn’t exactly how it looks like in person)


Well what can I say? I love the color and so far, no breakouts whatsoever.


– the shade is so natural

– it gives a natural glow

– it comes with a small (cute) powder puff (but I still prefer using a blush brush)

– it’s so cheap for Php88!

– I just love everything about it


– I have to retouch a bit after 7 hours (not bad though)

I would definitely buy it again! So there.

On  a different note, I passed by some makeup counters on a trip to the mall earlier today. I’ve been curious about the BB cream hype so I ended up buying the Face Shop’s Quick and Clean Blemish Balm for Php595. I noticed that they also carry another BB cream which sounded like super BB cream (I’m not sure). The consistency was heavier so I decided to buy the Quick and Clean BB instead because I have oily skin. I’ve tried the Quick and Clean Sunblock before and it kind of controlled the oiliness of my skin so I think this will do good. I also passed by Elianto and saw that they now have the BB cream too (in 3 formulas I think). Unfortunately, there were no testers. The sales lady said its a new arrival and testers are yet to be delivered.

I am now officially declaring a no-buy mode for at least a month. I am flat broke (and in debt). I have been hoarding on makeup products and tools that I can use for makeup school. I’m planning to enroll for the March class. So far, I’m waiting  for a contour palette, brush and gel liners from Coastal Scents.I hope I get it in good condition.

For now, I’m crossing my fingers for me to avoid spending anymore. 😦

Wow! I haven’t blogged in ages and obviously, this is my first time to use wordpress. I started this blog to kill time and well, to satiate my fixation with makeup. I figured that writing about stuff I love might lure me away from lurking in the net and finding more reasons to spend. Damn whoever invented e-commerce.

I can’t really remember how I started my love affair with makeup. Hmm.. Well I started using loose powder when I was in early highschool.  But that was only because I couldn’t stand the sight of my grade school grad pic, which resembled a human mirror. Yes, I was a late bloomer! I actually was  a bit of a tomboy back in gradeschool and early highschool (but that’s another story). I think it started with the hype of the direct selling beauty company, Avon. All my classmates were going gaga over the pink pressed powder. It was cute and all girly. Now, I can’t remember if it made our faces pink.

Anyways, I then moved on to Clinique. I absolutely adored their loose face powder. I experimented with all sorts of makeup brands, choosing only powder, blush and lipglosses. Then I discovered the ever trusty MAC cosmetics and the rest is history (though I still have A LOT to try).

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully, I get to update this soon with reviews and what not.